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Opher and RisaI’m Opher Ganel, a physicist by education and training; a consultant to NASA as an instrument systems engineer, technologist, and scientific/technical writer/editor by current profession; and a self-taught small-business founder and owner with a passion and flair for business and personal finance. I’m also married to Risa, an amazing woman who is a marriage and family therapist in private practice

A while back, Risa told me that a colleague and friend who is also a marriage and family therapist in private practice, Laurel Fay, was struggling to make a business decision based on hard data rather than intuition. I offered to consult for her, and you can see the outcome in Laurel’s own words on my Home page. That’s when Risa had the inspiration, “You should start a business teaching therapists in private practice how to run their practice as a business…” and here we are!

As a therapist or counselor in private practice, you have the empathy, aptitude, and training to help people deal with the challenges and traumas they face in life. However, more than likely you’re not a numbers person, were never taught how to run a business (for all that this is a major part of making your practice succeed), and may find numbers and finances to be overwhelming and a distraction from your real calling – helping people in emotional distress.

After helping my wife develop and run the finances of her private practice for more than 15 years, I know first-hand all the business-related challenges and questions that come up for therapists in private practice. More importantly, I know what an amazing difference you make in people’s lives. As I’ve told my wife repeatedly, I envy her making such a difference. Yes, as a consultant to NASA I get to do some pretty cool things (and get well compensated for it), but if something happened to me, only my close colleagues would notice the professional impact. If, heaven forbid, something happened to my wife, it would affect all the people who would have otherwise benefited from her expertise, experience, empathy, and incredible emotional intelligence. Marriages would break up that could have been saved, and lives would go awry that would otherwise have turned out so much better. This is why I want to do whatever I can to help therapists in private practice succeed.

That’s where OpherGanel.com comes in. I’m committed to creating simple tips and tools to help you run your practice better, and give those away free to anyone who wants them. For those who want to dig deeper and learn everything I can teach about developing a 6-figure small business, I’m creating a video course for that. In fact, I’ll be offering a steep discount, 50% off, for the first 25 to register once the course is ready. More than that, I’ll also be offering a no-questions-asked, all-your-money-back guarantee after the first video, so you can experience some of the course first-hand before making your payment final. If that sounds interesting, use the form below to get my free tools and sign up for the early notice as soon as registration opens for the course.

About Opher Ganel

Opher When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them:
“I solve problems and help people communicate.”
But what I really want to say is:
“I’m a ‘rocket scientist’ on a mission to make complicated things simple so they don’t stop people from doing what they’re committed to.”
And what I really, really want to say is…
“I read voraciously (especially sci-fi and fantasy, but also lots of business and finance); binge-watch ‘The Shark Tank;’ write top-notch technical documents and contract proposals; get together with other small-business owners and professionals through teleconferencing and in person; and use all that to build businesses that center on helping others succeed at what they do, be it blazing technological paths for NASA flagship missions beyond 2030, winning half-billion-dollar contracts, or building small businesses that makes a difference in people’s lives… because the more inspiration, motivation, and support I give others, the more I’m rewarded myself, both emotionally and financially.”

Hi, I’m Opher Ganel, and helping people pursue their passion (be it expanding humanity’s understanding of the universe, protecting humanity from the next extinction-level asteroid impact, or helping people overcome the challenges and traumas they face) and their financial wellbeing is kinda my own passion.

When it comes to solving problems and conquering challenges, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone better…

  • Opher on bike My training as a PhD physicist and my experience consulting for NASA mean I can quickly digest a lot of complex material and make sense of it. My skills as a communicator let me break down such material and make it understandable and approachable to others – I once explained to my then-5-year-old daughter at the molecular level why waving a wet handkerchief cools it down – and she got it (of course, she probably forgot the explanation a few minutes later...).
  • After decades in academia and a couple of years as an employee in industry, I set out on my own and became a self-employed entrepreneur. I started several small businesses that increased my net worth nearly 10-fold in less than 10 years. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing however, especially when the 2013 federal sequester cut my income by 80% for almost a year, but as a self-employed professional you have to figure out how to ride out such mini-disasters.
  • My experience raising thousands of dollars for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through “century” rides, including getting back in the saddle after crashing at mile 30 and getting to the finish line 70 miles down the road, taught me about training hard, sacrificing for a greater good, and not letting anything stop me.

Opher's dogWhen I’m not helping my wife Risa make my mom’s famous “chazeret” (a sweet horseradish sauce that’ll kick your sinuses out the top of your head but have you begging for more); projecting our business and personal finances for the next decade; or helping translate between NASA scientists, engineers, and project managers, you’ll find me walking our dog Sophie (the sweetest dog ever, just see the picture); oil painting (a recent hobby); immersed in another mil-sci-fi novel; or going with Risa to our favorite bed & breakfast, the Chalet of Canandaigua in the Finger Lakes region of NY, or to the beach in NC (not necessarily in that order of preference ).

If you just have to know more about me, no need for thumbscrews… I’ll talk…
  1. There isn’t a big enough bucket anywhere to help me carry a tune…
  2. Growing up in Israel, the only team sports I played was the occasional neighborhood pickup soccer or basketball. Several years after coming to the US for a post-doc at age 30, when my kids started playing rec soccer in U6 leagues, I realized I wanted to play too so I got into indoor soccer. I still play, in an over-35 indoor league, and even manage to score the occasional goal.
  3. I speak Hebrew and English with native proficiency and no accent, and French only well enough to get into trouble.
  4. During high school, I got into rifle shooting. After a couple of years, I could hit a circle the size of a quarter 60 times out of 60 from 165 feet (50 meters) – with no scope. I could even tell without looking where I hit on the target to better than 1/8 of an inch. That’s pretty cool, but pales in comparison to Olympic shooters – they can hit a circle the size of a dime from that distance 60 times out of 60, also without a scope.
  5. When I get into something, whether working, reading, or playing, I get so focused that it would take a grenade going off in the next room to get my attention (which irritates my wife to no end – “What do you mean you didn’t hear that, you were right there?!”).
  6. I try to eat healthy as much as I can, but put some Lindt milk chocolate in front of me and all bets are off (don’t even think of getting between me and that chocolate!).
  7. My favorite bumper sticker of all time read, “Where are we going? And why am I in this handbasket?” It had me chuckling for over an hour.
  8. The thing I hate most is when people do stuff because they feel like it or because it serves their purposes, but claim they’re doing it out of some noble higher ideal.
  9. I knew little about finance and nothing about investing until I started teaching myself at age 30.
  10. I am living proof that you don’t need to be perfect to succeed, that starting late is better than never starting at all, and that setting big goals and then working hard to achieve them is the most fulfilling life imaginable!

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I hate spam as much as you do (maybe even more!), so I never sell, rent, or give away your contact info without your permission, period. I will only ever use it to send you the free worksheet now, followed by biweekly emails with free tips, useful and relevant content, and occasional news.

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