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Coaching Plans
for Mental Health Providers in Private Practice

How One-on-One Coaching Can Kick Your Practice up to the Next Level

You're passionate about your work, and if you're reading this, I know you're ready to take your practice to the next level. That's where I come in. My wife calls me the CFO of her practice. I've helped her build it from nothing to a thriving group practice with three employee associates. Similarly, I helped my coaching clients make big decisions with confidence, avoid big money mistakes, and analyze the numbers to help them figure out how to increase their rates so they bring in more money while working less.

I'm not a therapist, and that's to your advantage. You already have that handled and don't need more of it from a coach. My complementary skill-set as a scientist, engineer, and business owner, along with the different perspective that experience provides helps get you in action in a way you won't on your own or with coaches who are therapists like you. I like to say that numbers speak to me. I can look at a complex spreadsheet that tracks prospective client inquiries, numbers of sessions per client per clinician, or budgets and spending and not only get what all those numbers mean for your practice, but also explain it in a language that you can easily assimilate and act on. With me on your team, there's no more freaking out about all those numbers.

My coaching clients tell me that what they appreciate most is my calm, non-judgemental approach, my patience in explaining the financial details of their practice (that they've shied away from forever) in a clear and approachable language, and that my only agenda is their success.

Below you’ll find the three standard coaching plans I developed to help therapists in private practice. Each is intended to support people in different phases and/or who are up to different levels of challenge. If none of these exactly fits your needs, let me know and we’ll customize a plan that fits your unique situation.

There is no obligation to complete any plan. Payment is due at the start of each month, and you are free to terminate a plan at the end of any month, with one week notice.

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Where these plans don’t match your needs, we can customize a shorter or longer plan and/or one with higher or lower levels of support. If you'd like to talk so we can see if we’d be a good fit, or if you’d like to customize a plan for your personal situation, call me at  410-440-8029 or click below to leave me a note and I'll respond (usually in less than 24 hours).

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Please reach out if you'd like to explore how I may be able to help.